[Notification] Regarding Jazz Server Migration Schedule 12-04-2020 12:30 AM to 08:00 AM IST

We have planned to change the server hardware and upgrade the server resources. We have done with all preliminary testings on the new hardware and now only need to shift the user's account to it. We would be doing it during the night hours as per the IST to avoid any downtime issue. The details are as below:Datetime: 12-04-2020 12:30 AM to 08:00 ... Read More »

11th Apr 2020
[Notification] Maintenance Schedule Extended to 30-03-2020 02:30 AM to 08:00 AM IST

Hi, We mentioned to you about the schedule for server maintenance as per the following notification: https://client.cubehostindia.com/index.php/announcements/16/Notification-Maintenanceorupdate-schedule-window-29-03-2020-0230-AM-to-0800-AM-IST.html As per the schedule, We have removed the duplicate packages on the server and updated the kernel. ... Read More »

29th Mar 2020
[Notification] Maintenance/update schedule window 29-03-2020 02:30 AM to 08:00 AM IST

Hi, Hope you all are at safe places during this COVID19 Global issue....!! We have planned to go for server maintenance, linux kernel update, hardening and rebuilding packages for security and performance of the entire server. Hostname: pod105.unisonserver.comServer IP: Window: 29-03-2020 02:30AM to 08:00AM IST (Indian ... Read More »

28th Mar 2020
[URGENT] Change of Server IPs due to Malware infection issue

This is an information email for a change in hosting IP at the server side for all of your domains. The change has been taken on an urgent basis due to the blacklisting of server IP caused by malware infection to some of the WordPress websites. Note the new details for the server IP as under: ++++++++++++++++++ Server Hostname: ... Read More »

4th Mar 2020
[Notification] MySql repair schedule 12:30 AM to 05:30 AM IST

We are facing some issues with MySql server on pod105.unisonserver.com due to some non-optimized WordPress scripts from few users. The schedule will run to repair the MySql server as per the details below. Date: 31-01-2020Time: 12:30 AM to 05:30 AM (IST).Hostname: pod105.unisonserver.comIP: During the schedule, there may be ... Read More »

30th Jan 2020
[Notification] Server software upgrade and restart

Hello Everyone, We are upgrading the server software for security patches to be assigned. To perform this action, we need to restart the server and carry out various activities on the server. So during this period, your website may feel downtime. Date: 01-11-2019 Time: 01:00 AM to 05:00 AM IST Apologies for the inconvenience caused to you during ... Read More »

31st Oct 2019
[Notification] Regarding Securing Your WordPress CMS, if Installed

Hi,Thanks for being a valuable user at CubeHostIndia. It had observed that most of the users those are using WordPress, never update the version of core WordPress, themes, and plugins installed on their websites. The older versions of CMS affects the server due to various loop-holes into their scripts and thus numerous malware attacks. In case, ... Read More »

14th Aug 2019
Regarding Change of Price Model from cPanel/WHM

It is shocking news from the cPanel/WHM towards its users with the modifications of their pricing structure: https://cpanel.net/pricing/. Due to which almost all the users and the hosting companies are getting affected. As per their new plan, each cPanel user license will cost $0.2 USD per month along with the cPanel/WHM server license, which is a ... Read More »

30th Jun 2019
[Notification] Maintenance scheduled for server - pod105.unisonserver.com

                                              Maintenance Task ScheduledDue to some technical issues with need to place the server pod105.unisonserver.com into maintenance mode. Please don't schedule any activity on the server with the following details:Server Hostname: pod105.unisonserver.comServer IP: ... Read More »

17th Apr 2019
[Notification] Maintenance schedule window 09-02-2019 12:30 AM to 03:30 AM

We are facing some misconfiguration issue with the MySQL and MariaDB settings on the server due to which the server needs the maintainace activity. Meanwhile the server would face downtime due to MySQL issue. The server and schedule detail decided to carry out the task at our end is as under: Hostname: pod105.unisonserver.com IP: ... Read More »

8th Feb 2019