Hope you all are at safe places during this COVID19 Global issue....!!

We have planned to go for server maintenance, linux kernel update, hardening and rebuilding packages for security and performance of the entire server.

Hostname: pod105.unisonserver.com
Server IP:
Schedule Window: 29-03-2020 02:30AM to 08:00AM IST (Indian Standard TIme)

We would be needed to reboot the server to apply the kernel patches, so we planed to schedule it on off-peek hour of the server during night hours as per IST. I request you not schedule any development related task during this time to avoid any issue. We would try to minimize this duration, whichever way is possible. I also request you to please keep patience during this time to avoid interruptions to our technical team.

For any query you may either create a ticket or send an email at helpdesk@cubehostindia.com We would be glad to assist you.

Sameer Gupta

Saturday, March 28, 2020

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