Grab the various miscellaneous services

You will find our miscellaneous service to be best suitable to your various requirements

Business Emails
Starting from
Rs. 720.00/-

Renewal Price Rs. 720/- Annually

5GB Storage Per Account

Inbuilt Virus Protection

Intuitive and Responsive Design

Works on Mobile and Tablets

Calendars, Contacts and Tasks

Social Media in your Inbox

100% Uptime and Security

cPanel Scheduled Backups
Rs. 2,500.00/-

cPanel Account upto 1GB

4 Backups Total

1 Monthly

1 Weekly

2 Daily

5 Free restoration requests per month

Security Fix
Rs. 1,500.00/-

1 Website

Virus/Malware fix

Wordpress or Any PHP Framework

Rectification in 24 hours

Website Migration
Rs. 400.00/-

Website Migration from other server

Backup of an Account
Rs. 1,500.00/-

Website Backup for an Account in Suspended State within 3 months from expiry date

Backup Restoration
Rs. 1,500.00/-

Website Backup Restoration from Monthly Backup