How to host domain from other registrar to CubeHostIndia by changing Nameserver

Most of the users have a domain from various domain registrars and they are willing to host their domains with our server at CubeHostIndia. It is very easy to do so as you just need to change the nameserver of your domain with your domain. After the change of nameserver, it will take a time of around few minute to 24 Hours depending on the registrar.
As an example, if the nameservers of your hosting server are as follows, then you need to update with your domain.
Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:
Below we are providing the links, which will assist you to get the procedure to change the nameserver with the various registrar.
In a similar way, you can make sure to change the nameserver with another registrar. You can check the status of nameservers with the following website: This will let you know the current status at various locations in the world.
After nameserver update, you will be able to publish your website to our server.
For any further clarification, we are always available at chat and support ticket. You can also write an email at [email protected]
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